My starting point for these pieces of jewellery are childhood memories. We had three cherry trees in our garden. We sat in the garden and took the pits out of the cherries. In my hometown we call that “Kirschen döppen”. It was fun and beautiful. Of course, we put the cherries over our ears. Those were the first earrings. My first ring also reminds me of that and my mother had a necklace from the seventies made of cherry pits.

While I was developing the first designs, a sense of pressure to perform mixed in and the “Good Girl” brooch was born. This brooch is the heart of the collection. It’s a medal for the one who gets the most cherry pits out of the cherries. We did this with hairpins. When I put the hairpins into a star, the image of the medal was clear to me. It represents so many cherry pits, so many good achievements.

What used to be playful and fun, can later tip over and become too much. How much ambition is healthy?